Motion Stage Mounting

Throat Depth
 A microscopes throat depth limits the size of stage that can be used. As a general rule, the distance D must be at least one inch greater than the Y-axis travel of the stage. Sometimes small stages cannot be used because the mounting bracket is wider than the stages bottom plate.

Working Distance
The working distance W of a microscope must be large enough to accommodate the stage thickness and any accessories, plus the specimen thickness, plus the objective lens focal distance.

    Footnotes in [ ] brackets indicate the following:
    Accepts stage size: [1] 4x4, [2] 6x4, [3] 6x6, [4] 8x8, [5] 10x10, [6] 12x12 
    [A] Stage requires long knobs.
    [B] For X-Y stages with paddles and for disk stages.
    [C] For X-Y stages without paddles -- plain top. No disk stages.
    [D] For reflected light stages only.
    [E] For transmitted light stages.
    [F] Stage requires short knobs.
    [G] For biotech stages only (except SBS series)  

Add suffix part# to stage part# when ordering.  Stages ordered without suffix will have Semprex standard D102 hole pattern in bottom plate.




Custom Hole Pattern (drawing required, 2-4 holes)


Simple Riser Pedestal for Base Plate (screws attach from bottom, 1.8x1.8 inch #10-32) [1,2,3,D]


Riser for BreadBoard Base Plate w/1 inch Centers


Riser for BreadBoard Base Plate w/25 mm Centers


Riser w/Custom Circular Insert & Clamp for Reflected Light Stereo Base (drawing req'd)


Leica INM-100 Hole Pattern [4]


Leica INM-200 Hole Pattern [4]


Leica INM-300 Hole Pattern [4,5,6,D]


Leica INM-300 Hole Pattern w/Enlarged Cutout in BP [4,5,6,E]


Leitz Ergolux Spacer [3]


Leitz DME Hole Pattern [1,2]


Leica DML-M / DM2500 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Leica DML-M Adapter & Carrier Modification[2,E]


Leica DM1000 / DM2000 / DM2500 / DM3000 / DM4000 / DM6000 Spacer & BP Modification [2,F]


Leica / Reichert Polylite 88 Adapter [3,4]


Leica DMR-M Hole Pattern & Carrier Modification [2,E]


Leica DMR-M / DM4000 / DM6000 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Mitutoyo FS110 Hole Pattern [3,4,B]


Mitutoyo FS110 Spacer [3,4,C]


Nikon Eclipse 80i / 90i Adapter & Carrier Modification [1,2]


Nikon Optiphot 100 / M Adapter [1,2]


Nikon Optiphot 150 Hole Pattern [3,F]


Nikon Eclipse L150 Adapter & Carrier Modification [1,2]


Nikon LV100 / LV150 Adapter & Carrier Modification [1,2] [3 w/Refl Stage & Front Load or No Paddle only]


Nikon Optiphot 200 Adapter [4]


Nikon L200 Adapter [4]


Nikon Optiphot 300 Adapter [4,5,6]


Nikon Eclipse ME600 / ME400 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Nikon Eclipse ME600 / ME400 Adapter & Carrier Mod [1,2,E]


Nikon IC66 Hole Pattern [w/o DIC: 2,3,B] [w/DIC: 2,3,C] [3,4 w/scope modification, call for quote]


Nikon IC66 (w/o DIC) Spacer [3,C]


Nikon TE2000/Ti-U Adapter [G]


Olympus AX70 Replacement Bracket [3,D]


Olympus BX40 / BX50 / BX60 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Olympus BX40 / BX50 / BX60 Adapter & Carrier Mod [1,2,A,E]


Olympus BHM / BHN Adapter [1,2]


Olympus BH2 / BHS Adapter [1,2]


Olympus BH2MJL Adapter [3]


Olympus BH3MJL-T4 Adapter [3,4,5,6]


Olympus MX40 / MX51 Spacer [3,F]


Olympus MX50 / MX61 Adapter [4,5]


Olympus MX50L / MX61L Adapter [4,5,6]


Olympus IX51 / IX71 / IX81 Adapter [G]


Olympus CKX31 / CKX41 Adapter [biotech stages only except SBS]


Olympus GX71 Adapter [biotech stages only except SBS]


Olympus GX41 / GX51 Adapter [biotech stages only except SBS]


Zeiss Axio Scope A1 Hole Pattern & Carrier Modification [2,E]


Zeiss Axio Scope A1 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Zeiss Axiotech 100 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Zeiss Axiotech 100 Adapter & Carrier Modification [1,2,E]


Zeiss Axiovert 40 Adapter [G]


Zeiss Axiovert 100 / 200 Adapter [G]


Zeiss Axio Observer Adapter [G]


Zeiss Axio Imager Hole Pattern & Carrier Modification [2,A,E]


Zeiss Axio Imager Replacement Bracket [1,2,D,F]


Zeiss Axioplan / Axiophot Adapter [1,2,E]


Zeiss Axioplan / Axiophot Replacement Bracket [1,2,D]


Zeiss Axiotron 2 Hole Pattern [3,4,F]


Zeiss Axioskop 1 Hole Pattern [1,2]


Zeiss Axioskop 2 / 40 Hole Pattern & Carrier Modification [2,A,E]


Zeiss Axioskop 2 / 40 Replacement Bracket [1,2,D,F]


Zeiss Universal Adapter [1,2]


Zeiss Vario Riser Pedestal [1,2] [3,4 w/scope modification, call for quote]




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