Manual X-Y Post Stage


KP53 Post Stage

  • Unique stage for precise manual motion applications on inverted and upright microscopes
  • Stage is mounted on post off to one side of microscope for simple installation and unobstructed operation of microscopes controls, high-power objectives, and transmitted and reflected lighting
  • Post mount provides quick vertical adjustment and X-Y alignment of stage
  • Unique hardened steel friction drive for backlash free operation proven to last much longer than rack and pinion systems
  • Extended length flexible knob for ergonomic control
  • Bearing slides made from single piece hardened steel use precision ball bearings for smooth, free running, consistent travel (other stages use split triangular wires)
  • Cross-roller bearings available for extra precision and rigidity

Also see KP-Series Motorized Microscope Stages




KP53 Manual Post Stage, 120x90 mm X-Y, w/350 mm Post, Locking Z-Slide, Base Mount, Specimen Adapter


(same as above, but with Cross-Roller Bearings)


Optional Speed Handle for Quick Positioning





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