KPL53 Motorized Post Stage


KPL53 Motorized Stage

    • Unique stage for automation of biotech applications on inverted and upright microscopes
    • Microstepping motors in open-loop system or DC servo motors and rotary encoders in closed-loop system for guaranteed positioning
    • Stage is mounted on post off to one side of microscope for simple installation and unobstructed operation of microscopes controls, high-power objectives, and transmitted and reflected lighting
    • Post mount provides quick vertical adjustment and X-Y alignment of stage
    • Precision stainless steel ACME lead screws provide fine resolution of 2 mm per revolution 
    • Bearing slides made from single piece hardened steel use precision cross-roller bearings for smooth, free running, consistent travel (other stages use split triangular wires)

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KPL53 Motor Stage, 120x90 mm X-Y, w/350 mm Post, Locking Z-Slide, Base Mount, & Specimen Adapter


OASIS 4-axis Stepper Motor Controller X/Y/Z/Focus/Filter-Wheel Drive with Stage Cable (Windows PC w/PCI slot required)


Ergonomic 3-axis Joystick Unit for EL-0740 Controller


Surveyor Specimen Scanning Software & Acquisition Drivers for Oasis Controller


Advanced 2-axis Servo Motor Controller with AMICron Software (Windows PC w/RS232 required)


Advanced 4-axis Servo Motor Controller with AMICron Software (Windows PC w/RS232 required)


Ergonomic Joystick w/12-Buttons for 142-27#-50 Controller (PC w/USB required)





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