KL-Series Motorized Microscope Stages


KL88 Motor Stage for Reflected Light

  • Precision motorized stage for applications requiring automation and ergonomics
  • Joystick and programmable software control
  • DC servo motors and rotary encoders in closed-loop system for guaranteed positioning or microstepping motors in open-loop system 
  • Thin cross-section (0.96- 1.48") allows stage to easily adapt to most microscopes
  • Proprietary KORE-FRAME links X-Y axes in a single piece of metal for superior orthogonality and flatness (other stages use 4 extra components bolted together and are subject to assembly inaccuracies)
  • Linear accuracy is laser calibrated to less than 1 micron error in 10,000 (with optional linear encoders) or 1 micron error in 2500 (with rotary encoders/microstepping)
  • Flatness and straightness better than 1 in 5000; orthogonality exceeds 1 in 10,000
  • Repeatability within 1 micron
  • Precision stainless steel ACME lead screws provide fine resolution of 2 mm per revolution
  • Single piece hardened steel bearing slides use cross-roller bearings for extra precision and rigidity (other stages use split triangular wires)




KL64 Motor Stage, 6x4 X-Y, Transmitted w/ Glass Insert


KL64 Motor Stage, 6x4 X-Y, Reflected Light


KL66 Motor Stage, 6x6 X-Y, Transmitted w/ Glass Insert


KL66 Motor Stage, 6x6 X-Y, Reflected Light


KL88 Motor Stage, 8x8 X-Y, Transmitted w/ Glass Insert


KL88 Motor Stage, 8x8 X-Y, Reflected Light


KL300 Motor Stage, 12x10 X-Y, Transmitted w/ Glass Insert


KL300 Motor Stage, 12x12 X-Y, Reflected Light


    1) A microscope stage mount MUST be specified (see Mounting);or Custom Base ordered; otherwise D102 Hole Pattern will be provided.

    2) For motor type type, please specify # as:
         5 = Advanced DC Servo, 0.127um encoders 75 mm/sec
                                             (1um encoders, 15mm/sec for KL46)
         7 = Stepper, 0.1um steps, 35 mm/sec
                                             (0.1um steps, 20mm/sec for KL46)

    3) See Controllers and Software.

    4) See Mask & Wafer Inspection Accessories









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