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    Servo Motor Controller

Motor Controller with Joystick
Advanced Servo Motor Controller

  • 2-axis and 4-axis programmable controllers feature advanced closed loop motor-encoder control system
  • PID filter uses sophisticated math to automatically compensate for variations in friction and load, producing exceptionally smooth, accurate velocity and settle times under 1/2 second
  • Safety features include obstruction sensing and power overload protection
  • Use with Semprex advanced motor stages or with other closed loop DC servo motor-encoder control systems (see input/output below)
  • Powerful, user-friendly AMICron motion software included (see below).
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) included for easy programming into new or existing applications

    Power Input:       110 or 220 VAC, 120 W (internal switch)
    Motor Output:    24 VDC, 4 A max (standard)
                            12 VDC, 5 A max (optional)
    Encoder Input:   2- phase 5 VDC TTL
    Interface:           RS232C (38.4 kbps)

    Servo Motor Control Software

  • Motion Control SoftwareSophisticated stage motion software included with Semprex Servo Motor Controller
  • Manual, programmable, and joystick control of stage movement
  • Hand enter absolute and relative position movements
  • Set velocity and acceleration from very slow smooth scanning at 8 micron/sec to rapid high speed positioning at 75 mm/sec
  • Zero each axis individually or simultaneously
  • Toggle between polar and rectangular coordinate systems
  • Display in millimeters, micrometers, inches, degrees, and sectors
  • Metrology functions include Distance, Circle Radius with Center, and Angle with Intersection
  • De-skew function corrects part misalignment and compensates axes for linear motion
  • Maintain up to 4 different origins plus 1 temporary origin
  • Store special positions with descriptions in one of 8 Quick Buttons (i.e. Load, Start, etc.)
  • Customize up to 12 joystick button functions
  • Store up to 5,000 coordinates along with notes, measurement results, and classifications
  • Customize classification text for each of 6 coordinate storage buttons
  • Save coordinate data on disk to recall at a later date, and import or export data to other applications such as a spreadsheet for further analysis
  • Powerful motion sequencer makes repetitive tasks efficient, allowing for automatic relative and absolute positioning, timed waits, repeat loops, subroutines, operator instruction prompts, and more
  • Build a library of commonly used sequences by saving macros to disk, allowing operators to simply Load and Go
  • Send ASCII commands to other RS232 communication ports (could be used to trigger other devices such as a camera)

    Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only)
    One RS232 serial communications port or USB Adapter
    VGA Color Display (at least 800x600 recommended)

AccuMotion Control Software
for Servo Motor Controller models:
142-272-90, 142-274-90

AccuMotion v2.2 (7/20/2016)
AccuMotion v2.1 (1/01/2015)
AccuMotion v1.5 (5/27/2014)
AccuMotion v1.3 (1/01/2013)
AccuMotion v1.0 (8/01/2012)

AMICron Control Software
for Servo Motor Controller models:
142-272-50, 142-274-50, 17-2358-00, 17-2358-04

AMICron v5.81 X-Y or X-Y-Theta (9/18/2009)
AMICron v5.80 X-Theta (9/18/2009)
AMICron v5.01 X-Y or X-Y-Theta (1/01/2008)
AMICron v5.00 X-Theta (1/01/2008)
AMICron v4.3 (3/31/2006)
AMICron v2.3 (3/18/2004)
AMICron v1.2 (7/01/2000)
NOTE: Newer versions may not work with older stages unless settings are adjusted. Please contact us for assistance if you want to use a version that is newer than your current hardware. 


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